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  • | Louise Tyrer

    To SPF or not to SPF

    We’re reminded every day to wear sunscreen to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays to prevent sunburn, premature ageing and more importantly, decrease the risk of skin cancer. So, if it’s drilled into us constantly why would any of us even consider not using it? Well that has to do wi... View Post
  • | Louise Tyrer

    Our top 5 most romantic getaways

    Valentine’s Day may have been and gone but we if you're planning to drag it out a little longer or just in need of an escape from the cold, here’s Sand Dollar's go-to guide of dreamy getaways. Of course, with the ultimate sunseeker escape comes the excuse for some gorgeously glamourous designer b... View Post
  • | Aamir Ali

    Gorgeous gift ideas for her on Valentine’s Day

    Let us take the stress out of your Valentine’s shopping! Beach Kaftan Yes gents, size does matter! And getting women’s sizes is right is hard…half the time we don’t get it right for ourselves, so we don’t expect you to! So, keep it simple with a glamourous kaftan for the perfect beach cover up. T... View Post
  • | Louise Tyrer

    Cute swimwear for you and your mini-me!

    Mummy & me trends are nothing new, in fact matchy-matchy outfits have been cycling in and out of fashion for over a century – though the styles may have changed somewhat! Thanks to A-listers including Beyonce, Reese Witherspoon and the queen of fashion, Victoria Beckham the mini-me trend is b... View Post
  • | Louise Tyrer

    Keep your shorts on!

    Keep your shorts on! The explosion of plastic products over the last 7 decades has been extraordinary; to the point where we now simply cannot now live without them. The world is producing nearly 300 million tons of plastic every year, half of which is for single use, and more than 8 million tons... View Post
  • | Aamir Ali

    Your 5 Best Beach Essentials

    Whether it’s a beach vacay or a day trip, other than what you’re wearing make sure you carry these 5 stylish essentials. 1. A funky towel Ok, so you might think we’re stating the obvious here but picture it… you emerge from a cooling dip only to find that the current has carried you down the beac... View Post
  • | Aamir Ali

    From Ocean Waste to Eco Fashion

    Our Earth is in danger. The planet is getting hotter, the ice caps are melting and the oceans are rising, all because of humanities impact on the environment. One of the biggest environmental threats we face is from plastic in our oceans. In addition to clogging our seas; abandoned fishing gear, ... View Post
  • | Louise Tyrer

    Strike it rich on the beach!

    Next time you’re walking on a stretch of warm sandy beach don’t stare at the sky, check between your toes, you may strike it rich and find a sand dollar! OK, so I’m not talking rich in the traditional sense, but some people love collecting special treasures from the ocean. Like our Founder Lucy, ... View Post