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10 Must-Have Apps Every Mum Needs in 2021

Our Favourite Must-Have Apps for Busy Mums to Make Life Easier

Being a mum can be a job in itself - we're not going to lie! At times, it can be tough, especially in today's crazy, busy world. There are so many things that you probably took for granted during your pre-children years - seemingly simple things like making friends, going to the gym...(you get our drift).

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These days, when you're faced with a dilemma, you probably find yourself wondering, "Is there an app for that?" - and the answer will probably be yes! There are many apps you need, making it difficult to know what to download and where to start, so we've taken the hard work away and made it easy for you - here are some of our favourite must-have apps every mum needs in 2021 to survive.

Side note: we're yet to find a virtual cocktail bar app for frazzled mums, so if you find one, hit us up!

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1. Mush

Have you ever wondered about must-have apps for meeting other mums in and around your area? There are must-have apps for dating and meeting people with similar interests, so it's no surprise there are social apps for mums as well.

Being a mum can be challenging at the best of times. These days, meeting other mums to chat about the endless sleepless nights and explosive nappies is becoming more and more difficult since women have babies at different stages of their lives and we're just so incredibly busy! Without the right network, mothering can be pretty lonely.

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Mush (available for download on Apple and Android phones) connects you to other mums in your area, allowing you to swap stories, organise play dates, or even meet up for a child-free adult play date where there may or may not be gin drinking involved. And, if you've got a burning question that you have no one to ask, hit up the forum and be ready to get a slew of advice.

2. Peanut

Another example of apps you need on your phone for social mums is Peanut. Dubbed the Tinder for mums - Peanut helps build a community of mums during pregnancy and motherhood while recognising that a woman's defining role in life isn't just limited to being a mum.

Of course, being a mum is incredibly important, but it's also important to remember that other things define you as well. Peanut works on an algorithm, matching you with mums with similar-aged kids or common interests like yoga.

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3. Alo Move

Speaking of yoga, there are several fitness-related must-have apps for mums. If you love working out but struggle to find that precious me-time during the day to hit the gym or go for a walk or a run, the fitness app Alo Move is highly recommended.

The slogan Find what moves you says it all - there is a workout programme or class for everyone, whether you're a complete beginner or an avid gym bunny. Alo Moves makes it work for you, whether that means getting up at the crack of dawn to do a yoga session in your living room or practising your ballet skills with a barre class in the kitchen while the kids nap.

4. 7-Minute Workout

If you're not into the longer workouts from other must-have apps, but you know you need to do some physical activity, download the 7-Minute Workout (available for download on Apple and Android phones).

Regardless of whether you hate going to the gym or not, everyone has 7 minutes in their busy day to spare for exercise. In just 7 minutes, you'll be pushed hard enough without being put off entirely, and all you need is your body weight, a chair, and a wall, so there are no excuses! With clear images, a built-in timer, and daily reminders, exercising between putting the kids to bed and watching Love Island has never been easier!

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5. Let's Bab

Shoppers unite - Let's Bab is a one-stop-shop that pretty much has it all. With an Instagram-inspired interface, Let's Bab is one of the apps you need on your phone if you love to shop, or perhaps more realistically, simply don't have time to do any kind of physical shopping.

Let's Bab brings together a plethora of women's, men's, and children's brands like ASOS, MANGO, Boohoo, and Forever 21. It also has an incentive programme, which makes this app for busy mums even more appealing.

All you need to do is recommend a product to a friend through the app and receive 5% of the purchase price in cash if your friend buys it. This must-have app for mums is available for download on Apple and Android phones.

6. Childcare.co.uk

Whether you've been called into work at the very last minute or you're dying to go on your girls' night out after minding the kids all day, Childcare.co.uk, which is available on both Apple and Android phones, has you covered when you're in a rut for childcare.

This is one of the best apps for mums when it comes to finding trusted childcare provision for your kiddos, which includes last-minute babysitters, long-term nannies, OFSTED registered childminders, and even private teachers. All you need to do is download the app, register, create a profile, and search - it's as easy as that!

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7. Sound Sleeper

Let's face it - one of the things all mums miss when they become parents is sleep. Sometimes you'd give anything in the world to get just a few minutes of precious shut-eye, especially in those early months. The Sound Sleeper app is one of the must-have apps for parents looking for ways to calm their baby.

The app has a mind-blowing choice of white noise and nature sounds, including what your baby would hear in the womb to rain to vacuum cleaners to rain. It's so intelligent; it even allows you to record your voice if this is what works for your baby and self-activates as soon as your little one starts to whimper. This must-have app for mums is available on Apple and Android phones.

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8. Artkive

How many pieces of "art" are you holding onto from your kids that you just don't have the heart to throw away? If you're anything like the majority of us, you've likely got many pieces of work, from a few squiggles on a piece of paper to your kid's first self-portrait. While it's cute to hold onto these for sentimental purposes, they quickly pile up and cause more clutter.

Artkive is a clever app for parents to digitally save their children's masterpieces with tags and dates. And if you want to share it with nana and granddad, this just got easier, too, with the app's sharing capabilities. No more guilt is needed when umming and ahhing over where to display your child's latest masterpiece. This unique app for parents is available on both Apple and Android phones.

9. NCT Baby Change

Avoid embarrassment or looks of disapproval when having to change your baby in public by downloading the NCT Baby Change app, which will help you quickly locate a private space. This is an accurate locator app with user ratings on accessibility and cleanliness, also giving you the option of adding new spots when you come across them to help out other mums. Similar to apps that locate the nearest public toilet, this is one of the must-have apps for mums that have little ones in nappies still.

10. Young Planet

There are plenty of buy, sell and exchange apps for parents wanting to get rid of stuff and looking for pre-loved bargains, but if you view yourself as environmentally savvy and want to follow a sustainable approach to parenting, check out Young Planet.

This is one of the must-have apps that will help you declutter your home while keeping your children's used things out of landfills. This app operates on a circular model, allowing you to give and get a variety of kids' items from books to toys to clothes to children's furniture. It's the perfect way to pass on the love while reducing your carbon footprint - after all, one toddler's used toy is another one's treasure!

These are just a few of our favourite must-have apps for busy mums to make life easier and take away any dreaded "mum guilt" you might feel at times - what are yours? Can you add to our list of apps you need on your phone?

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