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How To Wear A Triangle Bikini Top 10 Different Ways

10 Different Ways to Wear a Triangle Bikini Top

The triangle bikini top has been a staple of swimwear fashion since it was invented in the late 40s, and for a good reason. It’s a timeless, multi-wear bikini that suits many body types and usually finds its way into eco-friendly capsule wardrobes and many globetrotters’ suitcases.

While the style is perfect on its own, the triangle bikini top can also be worn in various ways, making it perfect for shoppers who just can’t decide what kind of look they like best. We’re diving into 10 different ways to wear a bikini top so that you can keep your look fresh without having to break the bank. The ties we’ll be covering are:

  • Classic
  • Halter Neck
  • Tie Front
  • Scoop Neck
  • Upside Down Halter Top
  • Cross Neck
  • Bandeau Style
  • Upside Down Tie Front
  • Bottom Criss Cross
  • Strapless

1. Classic

We don’t have to tell you how to wear a triangle bikini - wear your bikini top as it was meant to be worn! This style is flattering for all body types and is especially good for lounging on the beach or by the pool. It may not be the sturdiest option if you’re planning on participating in water sports, though - read on for a style that stays in place.

One of our favourite triangle bikini tops is the Jamaica Triangle Bikini Top from Love & Bikinis. It’s a simple, classic triangle bikini heavily inspired by string bikinis from the 80s. The stretch, fit and long straps make it a perfect piece for capsule wardrobes! If you’re looking for a starter multi-wear bikini, this is for you.

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2. Halter Neck

The halter style is amazing if you’re looking for a classic, and it’s popular for a reason. It adds extra lift to the bust and a classy emphasis on the neck. Simply tie the top two strings behind your neck and rock it! Much like the classic, this style is perfect for lounging and light activity, but it may not stay in place if you’re doing more strenuous things like surfing.

The halter style is a classic, but it’s easy to dress up with embellished straps like the St. Bart’s White Bikini Top from Melissa Obadash. The cute golden rings at the shoulders make the piece stand out, no matter how you wear it.

3. Tie Front

Tie-front tops are one of the different ways to wear a bikini top that we love the most - a flirty twist on the classic triangle bikini top that’s so simple to pull off. All you need to do is wrap the lower straps around your back and draw the ends back around to the front, tying them in a cute bow. This style is a bit sturdier than the classic and halter styles, but we would still put it in the light activity category.

A flirty style like this begs for a red bikini top, and we love the Red Tie Bikini Top from Vix. The thicker upper straps give it a smooth, elegant silhouette, and the gold details at the shoulders give the whole piece some extra shimmer. A bow tied in the front is the cherry on top!

4. Scoop Neck

You can turn your triangle bikini top upside down to create even more looks. The simplest is the scoop neck, which you create by turning your triangle bikini top upside down and tying the bust straps around your neck and vice versa. The result is a gathered, structured look perfect for babes with slightly larger busts or anyone who wants more coverage around the bust. This style is great for beginners who are unsure how to tie a triangle bikini top to create a different look.

A perfect piece for this look is the Cancun Orange Bikini Top from Melissa Obadash. The gathering at the bottom of the cups makes a scoop neck even more flattering, and the gold details on the straps look great along the bust line as well.

5. Upside Down Halter Top

Upside down styles don’t just stop with the scoop neck - there are tons of different ways to wear a bikini top upside down, like the reversed halter top! It’s almost identical to the scoop neck, but you will cross the neck straps before tying them around your neck. This style has an old Hollywood charm to it and is especially good for drawing the cups inwards, giving you more coverage and a sturdier fit.

One of the best starting points for wearing this style is a plain top with adjustable cups, like the Slide Tri Bikini Top from Seafolly. The cups, neck, and back straps are all adjustable, making this piece the perfect one to pull off an upside-down halter top.

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6. Cross Neck

This style can be worn either in the classic way or while the top is upside down! You just cross the straps in the front before you tie your bikini top. This style has a distinctly Bohemian air and is excellent if you want to showcase a bit of cleavage while keeping the top secure.

Speaking of bohemian, we love the leafy vibe of the Caliope Giard Bikini Top from Agua Bendita. The fun, soft botanical print adds a pop of green to the white top, and the handmade beading adds a sense of uniqueness to every piece.

7. Bandeau Style

Bandeau tops have become increasingly popular in swimwear and as a summer style staple, and we’re going to teach you how to tie a triangle bikini top into one! Just turn your triangle bikini top upside down with the neck strap tied around your back. Slide the cups as close together as you can and tie the underbust straps into a cute bow! This can be elegant or casual, depending on how elaborately you tie your knots.

Patterned bandeaus are incredibly trendy lately, so we picked out one of our best patterned triangle bikinis for this style. The Abstract Blue Triangle Bikini Top from Sunseeker Australia features a gorgeous blue floral print that’s flattering for various styles and skin tones, perfect for mixing and matching as you please.

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8. Upside Down Tie Front

We just can’t get enough of upside-down styles! This one is a twist on the tie-front style we talked about earlier. It’s accomplished in a really similar way as the classic tie-front, but you should adjust the cups to create the coverage you need. Tie the straps in a bow at the front, and voila! This style is really flirty and perfect for festivals and beach parties.

We’ve already talked about how flirty a tie-front bikini is, and what’s a flirtier colour than pink? The Lolita Oazze Bikini Top from Agua Bendita features a fun sunset print and soft, feminine edging on the cups, making it a great candidate for the upside-down tie-front style.

9. Bottom Criss-Cross

Extra straps around the waist is a growing trend in today’s fashion, and it’s especially cute in swimwear. The criss-cross style is worn with the top right-side up. Slide the cups closer together and wrap the straps around the front of your body before tying them in the back. We love this style for sports like beach volleyball and surfing, as well as looking super cute in your vacation photos.

The criss-cross style is amazing for any triangle top that you can think of, but why not jazz it up with a print? The Leopard Print Bikini Top from Vix is the perfect mix of neutral and spicy - we especially love the gold caps at the end of the upper straps to add a little dazzle!

10. Strapless

Strapless bikinis are so flattering, and guess what? It’s another style that you don’t have to buy a new bikini to pull off. Much like the bandeau style, you’ll turn your top upside down and secure it using the straps around your underbust. The only difference is that you will cross the upper straps as you bring them around your body and tie them in the back, creating a secure, sleek silhouette. We love this style as a sporty, elegant statement piece, and it’s an excellent option for a multi-wear bikini top.

Just because it’s sporty doesn’t mean you have to opt for plain colours, though. The Nusa Vanilla Bia Tube Top from Vix features a subtle, trendy diamond print on a creamy background that’s made for mixing and matching with a variety of different coloured bottoms. The top straps are thicker than the bottom straps, which will help your top stay put!

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