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Designer Gifts for Fashionable Men | 2019 Edition

There’s nothing quite like the festive season. The atmosphere in its entirety, changes.

Christmas carols and decorations fill every store, the smell of freshly baked mince pies and Christmas cake whirl through the air and children start behaving auspiciously: we still can’t figure out why. Coincidence perhaps?

Busy employees get ready for year-end and shopping centres start buzzing with the plethora of Christmas shoppers; all of whom are precariously looking for the perfect gift.

“What could one possibly give ‘the man who has everything’, or better yet, ‘the man who needs nothing?”, a question that, at some stage, everyone asks.

gifts for guys that have everything mans foot in water yacht

Firstly, shopping for a man with expensive taste doesn’t need to be hard. It’s certainly not an impossible task - especially when you can shop from a wide range of luxury gifts for men, online. Better yet, you’ve come to the right place!

Chances are, the 'man who has everything’ will be lucky enough to be spending his Christmas holidays with his toes in the sand, not sludging through Winter snow. White Christmas you say? Those are for the man who gets socks for Christmas...

Let’s face it, this particular man - the man who has everything - will be spending his festive season on remote beaches, in luxury beach bars, premium resorts or on a yacht along the scenic coast of the French Riviera. He celebrates versatility. His taste is expensive, yet subtle. He welcomes adventure and encapsulates the very essence of the luxury lifestyle. There just seems to be one thing missing: your gift.

gifts for fashionable men | stylish man wearing frescobol carioca

Sand Dollar is home to an abundance of premium gifts for men, including Frescobol Carioca; famously known as “some of the most sophisticated and thoughtfully designed beachwear in the world” (The Rack). The popular Brazilian designer brand carries the contagious ‘Carioca’ spirit within its carefully selected design and statement patterns; introducing you before you even get the chance to.

So why not entice the spirit of travel within him with a few of our favourite mens luxury presents?

Choose from a full range of Swim Shorts, Caps, Towels, and Apparel; all designed with a modern lifestyle in mind.

Frescobol Carioca Swim Shorts

Choose from a diverse selection of vibrant mosaic patterned swimming trunks; inspired by the iconic sidewalks near Panama beach, and other abstract representations of landmarks within Rio de Janeiro. These distinctive swimming trunks are the epitome of opulence and mirror the culture and atmosphere one could expect to experience within Rio itself. Made from cool, comfortable and quick-dry polyamide fabric, these Brazilian designer swimming shorts are a travelling man’s must-have.

mens patterned swim shorts | grey and white swim shorts

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mens present ideas - mens luxury shorts

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mens green swim shorts | mens striped swim shorts | mens designer swim shorts

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stylish gifts for men - swim shorts

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Frescobol Carioca Beachwear

Couple a pair of linen shorts with a linen Frescobol Carioca button-up shirt or Brazilian-style white crew neck and Voilà! You have the perfect go-to outfit for any man!

blue tencel shirt gifts for guys with expensive taste

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pink linen shirt gifts for guys 2019

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white beach shirt mens luxury presents

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gifts for guys who travel light blue linen shirt

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Because who doesn’t love a game of Frescobol?

Made from up to five different species of wood, these trendy Frescobol Carioca beach bats embody the Brazilian culture and style by bringing a sense of vibrancy to one’s summer vacation.

Carefully handcrafted, these designer Frescobol bats are coated in sun, sea, and sand resistant resin and are adored internationally. Trendy, sophisticated and distinguishable, every person should own one. Give the gift of fun, adventure and kinship as people of all nations come together for a game of Frescobol. Just ask Andy Murry!

frescobol beach bat

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mens grey cap gift set

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mens designer hat

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mens green beach bat

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Don’t forget to throw in a Frescobol baseball cap in your Christmas stocking. Games of Frescobol are known to be highly competitive and extremely addictive, we wouldn’t want ‘this man’ to get sunburnt now, would we?

These 5-panel designer baseball caps are equipped with black webbing backstraps to ensure a comfortable fit. Their easily recognizable yet minimalistic logo is placed on the front of the cap, clearing representing the famous Frescobol bat. It’s the perfect stocking filler.

This popular brand, previously worn by the aforementioned Andy Murry, Leonardo di Caprio and Alessandra Ambrosio makes the perfect festive season gift. Take this opportunity to show him just how well you know him by pairing your favourite outfits or curating the perfect Summer Beach Kit to end off 2019!

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