Why Stacking Bracelets Are More Than Just A Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift

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Layered jewellery, stacked jewellery, call it what you like, this jewellery trend, which has dominated the world of fashion for a few years, doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon. Forget the less is more approach this year; it's all about more is more. This year, the layered jewellery trend is not just about wearing stacked rings; it’s also evident when it comes to stacking bracelets, making it more than just a last minute Valentine’s Day gift for her (although, we swear she’ll love it).

The 2020 jewellery trend for layered jewellery encourages stacking bracelets and necklaces that are simple and delicate, which allows you to integrate an assortment of metals, stones, beads, and colour.

Layering bracelets is a great (and extremely easy) way of creating a fashion-forward look that is not only unique, but also true to your individual taste and style. As well as being able to showcase your originality and personality through the way you accessorise, layering jewellery offers so much more freedom.

What we love about this 2020 jewellery trend is that for once it's actually wearable and not just reserved for the Amazonian-like goddesses that grace the runways during fashion week.

If you’re unsure of whether or not you can “pull off” the stacked bracelets look or layered jewellery in general, don’t worry – it’s relatively simple, especially when you follow our stacking bracelets guide.

Stacking Bracelets 101

Stacking jewellery in all varieties has gained a massive following in the last few years. The great thing about layering your jewellery is that it easily allows for switching accessories up to complement both your outfit and your mood.

The accessories trend of wearing a couple of bangles at once isn't necessarily groundbreaking – this jewellery style has been around for years – think back to the 80s when the likes of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper led the way in fashion by stacking bangles.

Today, fashionistas have taken stacking bangles and bracelets to the next level. They’ve discovered a new realm of possibilities that allows them to make use of their current bracelet collection, and also find new excuses (like we need them) to add even more to the mix. Combining different metals, colours, and materials works perfectly well for bracelets; whether you’re going for that sweet boho stacked bracelets look or the rock and roll glam one – the possibilities are seriously endless.

But just because stacking bracelets is now a thing, it doesn’t mean you should be trawling through your jewellery boxes and wearing your entire bracelet collection at once. Theoretically, nothing is stopping you from doing this, but when it comes to the stacked bracelets look, it's not exactly about how many bracelets you should wear at once, but which ones, which is why we've put together this easy to follow bracelet stacking guide that will make sure you remain on the right side of stylish regardless of whether you’re wearing stacked beaded bracelets or stacked chain bracelets, or both.

For Starters

If you’re stacking bracelets for the first time, we recommend keeping it simple by starting with just layering a couple of bracelets that share a common denominator, such as sticking to stacked beaded bracelets but varying their colour and/or width.

You can also mix up stacked beaded bracelets, chains, and a couple of bangles, but keep the colour the same – let's say gold for argument's sake – for a more ‘together’ look.

Before experimenting with stacking bracelets on both wrists we recommend sticking to one arm to start with. It's also important to remember that your wristwatch counts as a piece of jewellery too, and when it comes to layering bracelets, it indeed acts as a bracelet too. So, if you do wear a watch, use this arm as a starting point, and see what types of bracelets, bangles and cuffs look great next to it.

Mixing Materials With Stacked Bracelets

When it comes to stacking your bracelets, avoid playing it too safe. In other words no matchy-matchy (unless you purposefully want to achieve this look). In fact, the best way to achieve that boho stacked bracelets look is by bringing together different materials and colours. Basically, you can pull anything off as long as you wear your stacked bracelet sets with the right attitude – mix up white gold and yellow gold or add a braided leather cuff together with some chain bracelets – whatever suits you.

Stacking Bracelet Rules  

As a rule of a thumb, if you’re going for a stacked bracelets look, you might want to avoid wearing too much other jewellery, especially stacked rings. And if you’re stacking bracelets on both arms, wear fewer than you normally would if you were just wearing them on one wrist.

As far as your outfits go when wearing this 2020 jewellery trend, you can get away with wearing anything, especially when it's the boho stacked bracelets look. But if you’re taking it to the extreme, they’ll always look amazing with monochromatic outfits.

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Jewellery makes for an amazingly cute Valentines gift – it's something you can't really go wrong with, especially if the woman you're buying for loves accessorising, which is why, if you're looking for last minute Valentine's day gifts, treat her to some new jewellery, namely a stackable bracelet or two. Here are some of our favourite bracelets for some Valentine’s gift ideas for her and fashion inspiration.

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This elegant gold plated bracelet with star charms is a delicate stand-alone piece, but when stacked with gold bracelets of varying widths, you’ll be able to create a boho stacked bracelets look. For modern-day glam, wear them with animal print

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With tasteful charms, this Luv & Bart single charm bracelet in silver looks amazing when stacked with beaded bracelets and leather wraps. To maintain those playful vibes, team these stacking bracelets with a boho style swing cami top and a pair of cutoffs.

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The Amani beaded bracelet in shades of blue represents new beginnings. Wear this stackable bracelet with silver and white metal and beaded bracelets. When stacked, the Amani bracelet will add a subtle touch of colour and glam to a plain white beach dress.

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The Multi bracelet from Luv & Bart is a beautiful stackable beaded friendship bracelet in bright eye popping colours that looks amazing when teamed with other friendship bracelets of the same design. For a fun and flirty look, wear these stacked beaded bracelets with a playsuit.

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This rose gold plated design with an adjustable opening represents the free spirit. Elegant and minimal with its simple charm and bead embellishments, the Louisa bracelet will look beautiful stacked against delicate chains and beads in soft neutral colours.

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When it comes to unique stacking bracelets, this resort inspired single pearl cuff from Luv & Bart looks fabulous with other gold stacked bracelets of varying shapes and designs. Pearl accents help take this 2020 jewellery trend to the next level.

At Sand Dollar UK, we're embracing the stacking bracelets trend. Not only is it a unique way of reviving some of your old pieces of jewellery, you'll also be able to breathe some life into them by adding new stackable bangles and bracelets to your look, allowing you to put your own twist on the latest 2020 jewellery trend.

Achieve a sophisticated elegant look by stacking your bracelets and following our simple how to stack bracelet hacks. And remember, it’s not too late to buy some last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for her, because trust us – no woman can ever resist a pretty accessory. So if you need some Valentine's gift ideas for her or you want to treat yourself to some fun accessories, make the most of our limited time jewellery offer of buy two, get one free, simply add the pieces to your cart and the discount will be automatically applied during checkout.

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